Don’t Let Your Listing be a Leftover Turkey!

Leftover turkey is great. Leftover listings, not so much. 

The listing history of most any property is a few clicks away for the average consumer.  Buyers are not enticed by old listings, or properties that’ve lost their fresh, show-ready condition.

Don’t let your listing be the leftover turkey! Trust me, Westchester County buyers are out there, 24/7. Bidding wars are not urban myths. But they don’t happen just because you think it should. You need to have the property buyers want!

PRICE and CONDITION that sync drive buyers to act. Your agent counsels on market expectations and correct pricing; but first let this Westchester County home stager help get your property it’s market-ready best.

Selling? Use these 3 numbers guide your every decision: 

5 Seconds: Listing photos are the first showing. And hard truth, that’s how long they have to engage and impress. It’s all about what reads on a 3″ phone screen, and professional photos are a must.  If first 3 or 4 pics don’t do it, its swipe left, and that buyer never even shows up.And you know it’s true because that’s what you do when looking at other listings!!

1.5 Minutes  Like a first date or a job interview, buyers will quickly decide if your property is due further consideration. Good listing photos drive traffic, once your property comes into view the clock starts. Want top dollar? Exterior needs to be clean and appealing, main rooms need to show as bright, fresh and as expected. Old wallpaper, overly personal decor, offices in DRs, or playrooms in LR will not work.

30 Days:  New sellers are given a gift: Everyone wants to see the new listings first. Fresh and shiny the first 30 days; afterward 1 of 2 things happens:

  • Buyers wonder what’s wrong, why no one else bought it. They won’t know maybe you’re weighing a single low offer, as that’s not a legal/posted status in NYS.  They’ll assume there are problems, and/or it’s over-priced. They’ll tend to low-ball, or just move on, not even show up .
  • WORSE if they’ve done their homework, they will mark it as a favorite on their free home-finder app and wait for the price to go down.

Don’t let your property be the leftover turkey! Now is the time to get ready for Spring Market. Old, expired or listless listing? Agents will often re-list when there are documented changes (price-or-condition) made.  Talk to me today about getting it noticed, and SOLD!