Enjoy Next Summer: Use the Next Snow Storm to Plan Spring Home Improvements

When you’re doing the next pre-storm snack and bread run, spring home improvements are probably not on your mind.

Buffalo wings or stromboli (or AND stromboli?). Cocoa Puffs, chips, guac, and not forgetting the Diet Coke is what’s filling your frontal lobe. But a little forethought when the next storm hits will get you in a good place to really enjoy your summer.

Most homeowners get serious about their spring home improvements in early May. With visions of summer BBQs dancing in their heads, they watch some HGTV, and maybe talk to the neighbors.

Then, in between Little League, school plays, Scout events, weddings, and such-they’ll hit the local home improvement store. And they wait (and wait…and wait) for return calls from the painter (mason, landscaper, roofer, et al). The air of desperation hangs heavy over many a cul-de-sac at this time.

And if painting is on the docket, paint sample strips proliferate. There are neighborhood drive-bys, and late-night Houzz/Pinterest-prowling.

Sometimes small samples are purchased and applied on the back of the house. Depending on how orderly they’re applied, this gives the house a cozy quilt, or funky paintball War Games kind of vibe.

And yet, no matter what they do, most homeowners will admit they hold their breath til at least one elevation is completely done.

Here’s why: All the stuff we love about spring, summer, and fall are nothing but distractions when it’s time to plan spring home improvements. Bushes conceal broken shingles or the need for a serious power-wash. You don’t notice the rusty light fixtures. The colorful flowers keep you from seeing how worn the shed or mailbox is.

Big leafy trees create ever-changing amounts of light and shade. You don’t see how stained the roof is, or the discolored or loose gutters. And surrounded by lots of green grass, you’ll pick new, deeper exterior colors that are perhaps stronger than you’d like.







Solution? I recommend getting outside as soon as the snow stops falling and doing a full walk-around of your house. Even take photos. Then, if painting is part of your plan, as soon as you can do so safely, drive around and look at other houses.

First-there’s nothing like a fresh coat of snow to train your eyes. The bare landscape provides no distractions, the white snow is unforgiving. And your canvas, your baseline.  In very short order you’ll build your confidence about colors and details: What’s too dull, too dark, too bright, too pastel; what’s wothwhile, or too much.














Got a bigger reno in mind?  This will help you gain a new appreciation of the lines, details and fenestration of the house.








You’ll see how details like dark window frames, new doors, and even the right door or shutter color will make a difference. 














Of course, you need to take things like any stonework siding and roof color on your house into consideration.







But bottom line: to really enjoy next summer do these things now. Then, get quotes and start to line up any needed trades. You’ll be at the head of the line when the weather turns, getting your work done while others are waiting to get their calls returned.

The Refreshed Home consults on both exterior and interior updates. Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference. Talk to me today if I can help!!