Even for Derek Jeter, It’s Still About Price AND Condition


At this very writing, the post-season future of the NY Yankees hangs in the balance (Game 5, top of the 8th, Yanks leading Orioles, 3-0, 2 outs but bases full of Orioles)-ARRRRGGG.

BUT-their Team Captain, Derek Jeter got some resolution recently. It was reported earlier this week that his 4 bedroom penthouse in NYC’s Trump Towers  sold last month, after a not-untypical journey

It first came onto the market in September 2010, listed at $20 million. A beautiful space, but it was pricey, and emptyAnd  it sat on the market.

Several months later new photos showed it had been staged…but price stayed the same, and it sat some more.

It came off the market last September, then back again April 2012, with a new listing price of $17.5 million, and last month it closed for $15.5 million. Click here for B&A pictures, and a neat article.

Location always is #1, but I really like that celebrity still does  not ‘trump’ price and condition. Staging a property elevates it within the marketplace, as it finds and defines value for the buyer. And you don’t have to be Derek Jeter to afford it, either: With The Refreshed Home-interactive consults, with a written report after start at $285.00!

OK< back to the game now, Let’s Go YAN-kees!