Exculsive Offer For Fans of TRH

Exclusive Offer For  Fans of TRH

Free 15 Minute Personal Consult


If your space, or your stuff isn’t working out the way you want, let the refreshed home help get you going in the right direction.


       *Not sure what to do on your bare windows?

       *Walls covered with sample paint dots or  paper squares?

       *Not sure where- or how to place your art in a new space?

       *Listless listing?

       *Have family moving in-or out-need to re-think, re-calibrate?

       *Ready for a change, just don’t know where to start?


No matter if you are looking to down-size or upgrade; if you are staying or selling;  need help in knowing how to buy a sofa, where to place it in the room, or just update what you’ve got- the refreshed home has got you covered.


Here’s how it works:

1.   Gather relevant info:  Send me link to your current listing, take digital photos of what you don’t like-or are considering, scan floor plans  or blueprints, that sort of thing. 

Detail is important, but so is context, so be sure to include shots of the whole space, even adjacent spaces/issues. Up to 3 links can be considered.

2.   Send it to me:  Include your phone contact info, along with a brief synopsis of your situation, use code THR53.

3.  I will contact you:  Your preference,  one-to-one by appointment on the phone, or  an emailed report-we’ll walk through some solutions together

Life is too short not to have a space that makes you happy!

Free 15 Minute Personal Online Consult available for a limited time only, so don’t delay-start the conversation now!