Experience Matters, and Kindness Counts: Meet The Staff of Bond Animal Hospital, White Plains NY 10606

Experience Matters, and Kindess Counts: Meet the Staff of Bond Animal Hospital, WHite Plains NY 10606

A few weeks ago I was doing some long-overdue updates of online profiles in my various media outlets.  Time to take it a step further, and more succinctly put what I, and my business stand for, black and white. One statement I came up with was Experience Matters, and Kindness Counts.

My business is much more about people than it is about stuff.  Often, people who are in pain of some sort. A change or loss, there is confusion, stress and sadness.   I consider alleviating distress to be a big part of my solutions. It’s not how all Stagers or Decorators work, but it’s what I do.  So while it was accurate, it sounded…well, I wasn’t sure the tone was quite right-maybe too ponderous? too prissy?  too indulgent?  I wondered if  anyone ( besides me) really cares about this kind of stuff, but went with it anyway.

Then suddenly this past week the tables turned, I became a confused, scared and sad client in need of experienced care, and kindness.  Regular readers will know our  dog Bella Blue is near and quite dear to my husband and myself. She had become very ill very quickly, Doug and I were beside ourselves, heartsick and sleep deprived. The happy ending is that she is fine.

As every pet-owner knows, good regular pet care is vital, yet even under the best of circumstances things can happen. And THIS is why you want to know about Bond Animal Hospital. Because experience does matter, and kindness does count.

I’m definitely a love my dog, love me kind of gal, and  have been a client for over 20 years.  First with Maggie Mae, a lab mix; also a shelter rescue, she was my friend for 9 years.

Many of the faces at Bond have stayed the same over the years.  Partners Dr. Douglas Aspros and Dr. Geoffrey McKenzie have built a professional staff who know what they are doing, and love your pet like you do, because as pet owners themselves, they get what you go through.  The doctors are all highly accredited, and my experiences have proven them all to be thorough and skillful diagnosticians, as well as compassionate advisors.

If you are new to the area, a new pet owner, have an exotic pet, or just feeling your current veterinary experience is lacking, you want to know the people at Bond Animal Hospital.  Their practice includes the care of avians, reptiles, and small mammals.

Very conveniently located at the very northern end of Central Avenue in White Plains, they are moments off the Bronx River Parkway, as well as I-287. GO!  STAY! You and your pet will be really glad you did.