FAQs: How Does It Work?

Welcome back to FAQs!  Snappy answers to your design and staging questions,  in about 300 words.

“How does it work?” is really the warm-up question to the always popular  “how much do you charge?”.

TRH is an independent design consultancy.

  • I sell no product, represent no other interest
  • Like accountants and many attorneys I’m paid for time you engage me to solve problems and get you through the process

Long before the internet was mainstream, or phones were ‘smart’, I saw my Westchester County design clients wanted more from the process. Beyond info and ideas, they wanted to understand, and they wanted to participate.

The Refreshed Home answers questions and solves problems borne of 24/7 digital access to design ideas and info.  Sure, HGTV is fun, and WOW, no shortage of things to see, or buy online. But unplug, what do you do next? How to decide what’s best for YOU?

I work with Westchester County home buyers, home sellers, flippers, and those staying and  improving. First, interactive consults to:

  • Talk, look and yes, even do things on the spot
  • Exchange info to diagnose and prioritize
  • Match intangibles (needs, hopes and dreams, ideas) with more concrete priorities like timeline and dollars.
  • Define scope of project, how things will get done, who’ll do what, and when

Budget concious but not budget driven, TRH finds the best and least expensive ways to get things done. The more quickly, the better, because also like accountants and attorneys, TRH is built on repeat business and referrals from happy clients!

80 to 85% of clients find consults alone give them all they need to complete, or oversee completing their project on their own. Our On-Demand Design philosophy means you determine what happens next.  We’d pick up wherever you are, do what’s needed to get your project completed.