FAQs: How Important are Listing Photos?

A question from a recent workshop: “How important are listing photos?”FAQs How Important Are Listing Photos

WELL….it was a centerpiece of a recent NYT’s “The Hunt” candidate.

But simply, for buyers, sellers, and agents good listing photos are the first, the last, and everything. The answer to all your dreams. Your sun, your moon, your guiding star…well, you get the idea.

Good listing photos means stellar quality and composition. Your agent handles the former, TRH’s photo prep directs the latter. Good quality photos are:

  • Crisp, clear and evenly well-lit professional photos that show all elements of the property to their best advantage.
  • Flattering and accurate, needing skill, equipment, and judgment. You’re not showcasing every piece of tech you can get your hands on (uber-wide angle lenses that distort, photo-shopping in special effects) or gee-whiz “creative” angles.
  • NOT taken on a smart phone, no matter what version it is.

Well-composed listing photos include  

  • Balance, so your eyes are drawn throughout the entire space
  • Contrast in both color and shapes to further engage the viewer
  • Clever, whimsical or aspirational elements that are appropriate, stand out and resonate

 Buying and selling real estate is serious business, and of course numbers drive the purchase of a property. But what gets buyers and sellers to talk about numbers is first that the buyer wants that property.

Good listing photos show the space, really good ones break through, and touch the heart. If you’re going to be in it, be in it to win it. Their importance cannot be overstated.