FAQs: Westchester Real Estate: Sellers Market, or Buyers Market?

Real Estate fascinates me, and the state of Real Estate in Westchester County is certainly an engaging, and  challenging topic.

Buyer or Seller Market in Westchester County?But an even better, more telling question would be what is the state of the market at this very instant, in XXXXX ZIP code?

The Refreshed Home does not try to be all things to all people:  I seek, and work with solid people who want to work with me, and want to get things done. This philosophy takes me into all different markets and price points in Westchester, lower Putnam and Fairfield counties.

FAQs gives specific answers to important questions, but until this morning-when a straightforward and generous reader contacted me-had kind of  forgotten exactly how uber-uber local and timely the best Real Estate Q&As really are.

The shortest answer to Buyers or Seller Market?-is —IT DEPENDS.

And the follow up point is THIS is why we both need to work with knowledgeable and experienced Realtors.

At issue was a post I wrote last year ‘Why Bother Staging in a Seller’s Market?’.  A question I was hearing from a lot of markets…at the time. And even though the post was written last June, truth is a number of markets have been desperate for inventory for much of 2013. But others, not so much.

Staging a property is much more than a visual. Think of  the Venn diagrams from our schooling: each of us brings something to the party. The best solutions consider the Sellers’ needs, goals and expectations, maximizes their *resources, while supporting the pricing and marketing strategy of the Realtor.

Whether your Westchester/Putnam/Fairfield county house is in a Buyers Market or Sellers Market depends on where you are, who, and when you ask. A smart and experienced Realtor will know, and the market will confirm it. But bottom line, this Westchester County Home Stager knows that being truly market ready, and putting forth your own best effort will always-always-always give you the most, and best options, no matter your time, the market, or other circumstances.

If you are thinking about selling your property in 2014, let’s speak soon. Be ready, because things like signing papers, scheduling photos and ohyes, rising interest rates can all happen pretty quickly.