Free Sprinkles: On Staging Kitchens and Baths

Your new car doesn’t perform better because of the pinstriping the dealer threw in. Your new socks don’t last longer because the manufacturer added an extra pair to the pack.

Why is receiving a little extra something-something such a beloved tradition?

Because it makes us feel good, it makes us feel special.

We got more than the standard, more than the expected. And because it stays with us. I still vividly recall being excited and impressed that a new refrigerator my parents were buying came with a free butter dish.  I was 8, maybe 9 years old!

A toothbrush that comes with the toothpaste, a rental car upgrade or yes, free sprinkles: Providers know it’s the easiest and most cost-effective way for their product to stand out, for a consumer to notice and choose them.

Buyers want to feel special too! Its PRECISELY why staging kitchens and baths is first recommendation for every property The Refreshed Home stages. Doubly so if it’s a vacant property. Exponentially so if it’s a larger space, a 1BA coop, and/or the bathrooms are done in similar fashion.


Bathrooms and kitchens can be difficult to shoot-lots of hard and sometimes reflective surfaces. Big, vacant, neutral spaces give buyers less reason to linger online or in person… and  no matter how magnificent, who’ll remember if they saw 2, 3, or all the empty beige (white, grey, etc) bathrooms? 







Immediately and intrinsically, we see color and light. We don’t think about it, we just look; in fact, we can’t not look. By staging kitchens and baths you give the eye something to look at.  Viewers are engaged and they linger, even bond with a space. Vital for smallish otherwise vacant coops; key to draw buyers through all of a large property.



This Westchester County Stager knows staging kitchens and baths will boost interest in a property, quickly and inexpensively. The Refreshed Home keeps a small warehouse of carefully curated rental props chosen to evoke buyer hopes and dreams: bits of personality that hint on what they, too will experience when they buy this magic house. Beyond seeing the space, buyers FEEL, and remember the spaces.

And YES, buyers who see any staged rooms online WILL go through ALL the house to see these rooms in person.


And I do fireplaces too!

















Home staging is a lot more practical than HGTV lets on.  Vacant property, under-performing or listless listing? Talk to me today about getting it noticed, and SOLD!!


Photo credits Brittany Alvarez and JPhilip Real Estate, John Doherty and Peter Riolo Real Estate, Daniel Milstein and Mark Boyland Keller Williams Realty Partners, Jennifer Constantin and Julia B Fee Sotheby’s International Realty.