‘Friendly Neighbor’ OR (!!) ‘Resident’??

The other day I received one of those oversize glossy postcards from a local agent, announcing they had sold a local home.

I knew the owners, had wished them well when they were moving out; and know it’s great tool for agents to remind neighbors-and Stagers!-who is successful in your area.

What was surprising was who it was addressed to: 



Really.  Anyone else get a little bit of a mixed message?

This was from a nice-size agency who is known for their luxury properties, both domestic and international.  The agent is experienced and successful; as a Stager, this agent was on my ‘want to meet’ list. 

Is this really the best that could be done to address these cards?  Is this a common salutation, does it sound like an oversight, or is this just what happens when you try to please (reach) so many at bulk mailing rates?

Happy Bunny exaggerates. I don’t for a second believe that was the agent’s intent, but as a recipient, I was not impressed. It addresses the hyper-sensitive tightrope many in business come up against: how best to reach out to many, hoping to connect with a few, in a costeffective manner?

I am very curious. Agents-how do you make choices like this? And other friendly neighbors/residents-does one salutation over another make any difference to you?  Inquiring minds want to know!