Gathering and Evaluating vs. Deciding and Doing

Ever have a big decision that feels overwhelming? Was your instinct to retreat,  getting your Westchester County property ready, to be noticed and soldor just freeze? Understandable! But if it IS big, important, or even just necessary, delay often adds to the burden. Consider the difference between gathering and evaluating vs deciding and doing.

Getting a house you’ve lived in for decades ready for sale is certainly one of those situations. But every day I see how delay or avoidance takes energy out of your being, and real money out of your pocket by missing a market, or additional carrying costs.

Most sellers either one monolithic decision or a hundred small ones, all demanding to be answered first. In either case, I see homeowners ending up with the same question: where do I start?

Good process is everything. TRH counsels Westchester County homeowners best practice means:

  • Start early
  • Break the one decision into smaller, more manageable processes
  • Focus on one process at a time
  • Gathering is not the same as deciding

Gathering and evaluating information and ideas usually costs nothing except your time. But it does take time, something you need to plan for.

You’re not deciding on or doing anything at this point. Just listening, asking questions, pondering. Your due diligence early on lessens stress and uncertainty mightily. It frees you up to think clearly and make your own best decisions.

Planning ahead lets you shop around, line up the service providers of your choice. This controls costs, and keeps you from having to make hasty decisions later on.

Is selling your Westchester County property on the horizon? Just remember getting ready, being ready is not the same as signing papers, having listing photos taken, or going live.

If you are ready, you are nimble, and have control. You can move forward quickly and confidently,  when then time is right.

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