Getting Bronxville NY Coops and Condos Noticed, and SOLD

By all accounts, Bronxville NY is a lovely place to live.  Just over a mile square, this 6e0ca149c95396d0b4f42bb30d777e7bscenic Westchester County community has been home to some very interesting and influential people.

According to Wikipedia, it ranks as the 20th highest income community in the US. An easy NYC commute, top-notch schools and a vibrant downtown, yesiree, Bronxville real estate is a good thing.

But I’d hate to be trying to sell a coop there! At this very moment Zillow shows Bronxville to have  229 active listings:  45 are rentals. Of the remaining 184 (for sale) listings, a full 68% of them are either coops (109 units) or condos (16 units). The rest are single family homes, with a few building lots.

Getting your Bronxville coop noticed is the first step in getting it sold. Good, and quality listing photos have got to be a sellers top priority; here’s the first of three on how to do just that.

But first, to be clear, Home Staging is not an absolute aesthetic standard.  I explain it’s a unique and interactive process that matches up the most productive actions with the needs, goals and resources of the seller, so the property sells quickly, and for the best price.

Sure there are sellers who have no choices, and sellers who’ve already made their own choices. The Refreshed Home is not out to make anyone feel bad, or debate with them, these posts are not written for them. But curious sellers who-thanks to HGTV-might have assumed Home Staging is not for them, that they can’t really do or fund anything meaningful-read on!!

Two things engage a buyer: price and condition. To sell quickly, and well, sellers need both of these in their corner. A competitive price means little if it’s not an attractive space; and a great looking place that’s priced too high will languish.

Westchester County real estate has been on auto-pilot for many years, just appreciating nicely and regularly on its own. The painful reality is that this party is over. 

Today’s buyers have little time, desire or ability to ponder anything other than exactly what is in front of them.  No matter the ZIP code, selling quickly and well involves doing more than just putting a sign in the ground and having an Open House… or three. Simply, you need to quickly engage a buyer, make it easy for them to see the space/value, so they can say yes.

The really good news is that there are many things a ready, willing and able Bronxville seller can easily and inexpensively do to get their coop or condo noticed, and SOLD. Are you with me so far? Then onward, intrepid seller-to-be!

NEXT: Step One to getting your Bronxville NY coop noticed, and SOLD!

Marie Graham is an Interior Decorator, an Accredited Home Stager, and Owner of The Refreshed Home. Bringing a thoughtful approach to the creative process, Marie has been bettering Westchester and Fairfield county properties for a long, long time.