Getting To The Heart of Things (Who ARE All These People in Your Transaction?Part 2 of 4)

“Home” is both universal and intimate in nature. People get involved in Real Estate for a myriad of reasons. It’s not just a product or a paycheck, it’s a way to assist-connect-facilitate-another’s happiness and sense of security. Some times are easier than others (!!!), but deep down, true Home Professionals know this is where they are supposed to be.

The Heart: People who come primarily from this place are not just nice, they really are all about others-their comforts, concerns, issues and needs come first. 

Great quality in a friend or spouse, but depending on the degre and the other personalities involved, it can slow, stop, even reverse a business transaction.

Polar opposite of The Gut, they are pleasant to deal with, but present a real challenge in business.  To make decisions and move forward, the decision makers need to well, decide…which means taking some stands and putting their needs ahead of others-not their comfort zone.

They are deliberate, speaking, moving and thinking slowly. They consider all options, and rebel if you try to nudge things along before they are ready. They want you to like them.

These sellers still have every report card, lost tooth and piece of macaroni art from their grown children; these buyers find something special about each house and the people who live there…which then makes them reconsider, just where the heck did they get this crazy idea to buy another house and move in the first place??

It takes longer for these sellers to get their house ready for sale. Slow and steady win the race, but their being highly motivated to start with is a close second.

They know how easy it is to get wrapped up in someone elses’ “stuff”-and understand how it would take attention away from the business at hand, getting their house sold. Also-focusing on the prize at the end:-a yard for the kids, rooms for visitors to stay, or one-level living for a loved one-will be what moves this seller forward.

Buyers who come from the heart will linger when attention is paid to the ‘secondary’ rooms-kid’s room, guest rooms, even the powder rooms. 

They will appreciate the fresh towels, nice soaps and fluffed bed pillows. These are the people that we light fires in the fireplace and put out homemade cookies for. Welcoming kitchens, and discussions of how many people could fit in the Dining Room will put a sparkle in this buyer’s eye.

They can frustrate agents and annoy more quickly moving people on the other end of the transaction, but remember the parable about the Wind and the Sun?

They disagreed who was more powerful, and decided the winner would be whoever could make a passer-by remove their overcoat  The Wind went first….stong and blustery, he blew and blew, trying to blow the coat off; but the passer-by only wrapped the coat around themselves more tightly. 

Then it was the Sun’s turn.  He shone and radiated,  and in short order, the gentle warmth induced the coat to be taken off.

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