Getting to “CLOSED”:The Smile, and All The Other People In Your Transaction (Part 4 of 4)

Ahhh…The Smile. They are happy people, looking for good times. Positive, upbeat, who doesn’t love the bouncy Smile?

You know them, or, more accurately you’ve heard them, having animated conversations…in crowded elevators…or across the floor in a restaurant. Or seen them-they’re first on the dance floor, or the most ardent fan at the game.

People who operate from this most expressive modality talk fast, think and move quickly. Depending on your perspective, they are enthusiastic-or loopy and overly excitable. They are usually ‘the life of the party’, even in un-partylike circumstances, which is the crux of the matter.

Understanding where people are coming from is always helpful, but in transactions, it’s like driving on a straightway-you can see what’s coming and be prepared to act accordingly. 

The Gut will appreciate the speed The Smile operates with, but could be turned off by the ‘unnecessary drama’. The Heart will believe they are genuinely nice people, but then secretly focus on if they are really that happy, perhaps they should settle down a bit?  The Head  will have the hardest time dealing with the smile, because just like the Gut-Heart combination, they are diagonal opposites.

The Head, (being The Head) is ohso sure that information is king, could doubt The Smile’s sincerity, even their stability. Similarly, The Smile will think..well, not happy thoughts about the head, and unhappy thoughts are just their #1 buzzkill.

SO-what’s a partner in this transaction to do?

Smart agents already know they need to keep all the different hats handy, ready to change them as circumstances dictate.

To engage the most buyers, smart sellers will prepare themselves and their properties fully. I almost never think it’s a good idea for the seller to be present for showings or Open Houses-this is one of many reasons your should always hire a Realtor-but there is much that sellers can do to make it work better for all:

They’d know a definite move-in date for The Gut, have service records on the boiler handy for The Head, make a list of personally recommended restaurants printed up for The Heart, and plant flowers, and set up a volleyball net in the backyard for The Smile.

Regardless of their own style, buyers who like having choices should be similarly prepared.  Before even going to the house, they will have their financials in order, and truly be prepared to make a move. They will then show up on time, and know/have a list of the questions they want to ask.

They will be respectful in the house-wiping their feet, shutting the door behind them. If the owners ‘happen’ to show up, they will listen to a story or two,  be prepared to ohh and ahh suitably over family pictures/heirlooms, and discuss the house’s decor only when they are safely in their car, on their way back home. 

Of course transactions are about dollars…but Real Estate is also intrinsically personal. If you can connect with the other parties on that level, you have the best chance of getting what you want.  And yes, it really can be as simple as listening, watching, subtley mirroring the other’s style when possible, and always, always RESPECT for the other parties.