Give Yourself A Gift For 2012: What’s YOUR Dream?

Welcome back to my post-holiday series Give Yourself A Gift For 2012: where good ideas and smart people can help you have your best year ever.

At a recent WCBS Business Breakfast, Barbara Corcoran famed NYC Real Estate agent was the featured speaker.  I did not attend, but caught an  insight I found fascinating. She spoke about how she saw two types of people in the current market, in pretty much a 50-50 split: those sitting tight, and those making big moves.

Historically, recessions have proven to be fertile times for many business of all sizes and types to start, make a move, grow and expand…Hyatt, Sports Illustrated, FedEx, Trader Joes and media giants CNN and MTV are a few of the more well-known biggies that got their start in the midst of economic down cycles.

Will 2012 be your year to make some changes, to make something happen?

You don’t have to have plans for world-wide domination of your industry, but if you have bigger plans, or even are in a space, or a lease that is not meeting your needs, a really good first step would be to talk to a professional who can give you information and feedback to start the process, and I recommend you have that conversation with Trevor Tunell.

Trevor is the Vice-President of family-owned T-Square Properties. T-Square Properties specialize in all aspects of commercial real estate.

They represent Tenants to Landlords (including lease negotiation); represent Landlords to attract new Tenants, and maximize the value of their assets; and manage properties for owners. T Square Properties will also represent your interests if you are looking to buy, sell, or lease a new property.

And it costs nothing to have that conversation.

Besides that Trevor is a nice guy and a smart guy, he and the T-Square team “know” Westchester. They have been Westchester-based since they first opened their doors in 1983. 

We all know real estate is hyper-local. Is there any reason to think a conglammorate with sattelite offices would really know the neighborhood better, understand market nuances better-or who’d be in a better position to serve their clients than a company with deep local roots?

As the population ages, the demand for easily accessible, state of the art specialized medical and dental services can only grow; but right  now is also an especially good time for anyone in the Personal Services field-or even mid to large-sized corporations to make a move into larger, existing spaces. 

Does your business depend on good foot traffic? Today’s economic climate has convinced some successful long-time shop ownersand restauranteurs to retire, making some very attractive storefronts in desirable locations available.

Commercial Real Estate is a highly specialized field.  The right or wrong terms or location can make the difference between a dream realized, or a dream deferred. Don’t be afraid, just don’t go it alone.