Giving The Gift: CREATIVITY

Welcome back to this years’ chapter of Giving The Gift! 

The sensory bombardment the American consumer is exposed to this time of year is enough to throw the most steadfast of us off our game.  Giving the Gift  is a series that highlights local, creative businesses and thoughtful, unique gift ideas that will surprise and delight most anyone on your list, please  click here to see all the write-ups.

This  is something I fell into quite unexpectedly-and truthfully, equally unexpectedly, loved it!

Earlier this fall, reuniting with high school friends was the plan. We finally picked the date, but now, what to do?

Dinner somewhere or apple-picking were suggested (yawn)…then a colleague of Bert’s came up with pottery painting. I was not enthused, but it was the best option, so there is how we found ourselves at A Maze In Pottery.  AMAZE,indeed!

A bright, happy, color-filled space, the feeling of serenity and creativity gives you a big old bear-hug the moment you cross the threshold. TOTALLY NOT an exclusive province for pre-schoolers, this is a place you want to know about for several reasons, more on that later

Set in a busy shopping center in the heart of Briarcliff Manor, it’s both convenient, and an escape. Owner Aggie Radzik, who holds a Masters Degree in Fine Art, Ceramic Design from her native Poland,  opened this shop almost two years ago.

Here’s  how it works: Shelves line the long walls, full of unpainted forms-maybe 400 to choose from, priced from $5.00 to $60.00. You buy the unfinished piece, and pay a small studio fee that includes time, paint, and glazing.

Idea books and a wide range of sample pieces give you food for thought…you pick your colors, then create, at your leisure. They fire it, and you pick it up about a week later.

There are mugs, plates, figures, as well as plain tiles that can be set into a tray, or a mirror.  Glazes are lead-free, non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe.

While it’s a little late to have a gift made/fired in time for this years’ holidays, gift certificates are available in any denomination, and I LOVE THIS-given on a decorated tile for presentation!  They also have seasonal forms, so not too early to think about a heart mug for Valentines’ Day, a baby’s footprint wall plate for Mothers’ Day, Teacher Gift…

As homage to our reunion, we chose to paint the same form, a big pasta/salad bowl.  With studio time I think it came to around $40.00 each (pretty much what we’d spend on a bowl, anyway), but even $20.00 could get someone a complete project.

 Aggie and her staff are creative and encouraging. Jessica gently guided Bert, Cindy and I through our blank-bowl terror, helping us arrive at 3 very different and satisfying projects.

On another recent visit, Aggie was helping a customer design a 12-tile tray as a gift to grandparents from their 11 grandchildren. Together they came up with the design: each child had their name on a tile. along with a favorite motif, the 12th tile was for the grandparents’ names and the date.

It is quite the happening place. There are daily specials, and parties galore: great for kids, but grown up events too. Daily specials for all ages and groups, and events can be tailored to most any occasion you can think of.

See details, and calendar of events on  their site, but bottom line, it’s a joyful experience, just go!!