One of the founding beliefs behind the refreshed home is that local, greater good and supporting the community will enrich us all, exponentially.

Art could have been one of the earliest examples of paying it forward. Art makes you happy, and by extension, makes the rest of the world a better place.

With these statements I am very pleased to launch the beginning of a series that will be running thru the month of December: Giving the Gift.

Each post will introduce you to some of the  smart and creative people we have right in our own backyard: their talents, and where to find them, so any gift-giving you may do this season will not only be unique and meaningful for the recipient, but will pretty much guarantee your becoming a better world citizen, too.

Today I visited the Mamaroneck Artist’s Guild. Roughly 250 members strong, and showcasing original art in a dozen different mediums, the gallery is  located on the corner of  Boston Post Road (US 1) and Larchmont Avenue. Even on a grey and rainy day, it was a light-filled space, chock full of things I know you will love.

There were a number of artists as well as staff on hand, all very busy, checking in work, and setting up displays in anticipation for the opening day of their Holiday Sale on Wednesday 12/1…talk about timing, I got to see it all, first!!

Suzanne Montresor, the Gallery Manager was very gracious in letting me wander about, and pull some things out to create the vignette you see here.  Ready?

Framed photo in back is a beautiful shot of fall foliage reflecting in one of the streams in the Rockefeller Preserve, roughly 18×24, $125.00 (Evelyne Aponte). Working clockwise: a textured vase in mossy tones, approx 12″ high, $95.00 (Gia Sachidanand), resting on top of a silkscreened silk scarf 12×54, $55.00 (Joan Stern).

Unintentionally the next pieces are from the same artist. Carol Flick has been collecting unique and exotic  beads for 30 years. Her keychains are $10.00, the heart pendant, made of picture jasper and vintage beads,  strung on a silk cord-$19.00. Rounding out this group is a journal-unlined paper inside, handmade silkscreened paper outside, $22.00 (Mitchell Visoky).

This original unframed oil  Provence, 18×14, and $300.00 had great character, but was also peaceful (Lorie Gurion). Lastly-for this post anyway-were these from Kathy Pure Wright.  What to say except, ummm, de-lightful? (Sorry, couln’t resist).

Re-purposed lightbulbs (note the CFL on far left) that are painted, glittered, decoupaged and otherwise decorated-as ornaments, $12.00-20.00.

These are just a small sampling of the treasures that lie within.  Your purchases not only support local artists, you are supporting the pursuit of art, as MAG gets behind a number of community events throughout the year. SO-what are you waiting for-GO!!

My thanks to the artists, and to Suzanne and Annette DeLucia Lieblein, the Assistant Gallery Manager-for taking the time to answer all my questions. MAG is open year-round, and runs a new show every 3 weeks.