#GoCordless: Kids, Cords and Caution

Originally published March 27th, 2010; updated November 4, 2022

It’s a sad truth that sometimes it takes tragedy to raise awareness. #GoCordless is the mantra of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, to prevent the former while promoting the latter with this post.

Kids getting caught up in window cords are not isolated incidents. According to the CPSC, on average 9 children under the age of five die every year from getting tangled in window treatment cords.

Are their infants or small children in your life? Whether they live with you or just visit your home, please take a few minutes right now to look at what’s covering your windows.

Products made after 2001 have progressively become safer, but ideally, cordless products should be used in households with small children.

The Window Covering Safety Council details a number of childproofing tips, including educating caregivers, and how to stay safe on vacation.

They explain Best for Kids is an independent third-party organization started by the industry. It educated consumers, and test products for child safety.

They also offer instructions on retrofitting. But honestly, options for new, safe cordless products exist at every price point. Most home improvement stores stock basics, including the seriously ok looking white cut-to-fil paper shades, for about $8 per single window.

#GoCordless. And pass it on.