Going for the Gold: Meet Joey!

A few days ago had started writing about a project I’ve been watching, and was now going to be participating in.

The 1950s ranch house at 64 Holbrooke Road in White Plains has been transformed into an eco-friendly model of green building, and is going for Gold LEED certification, I’m helping style the photos for an AIA consideration.

Every project has a goal, and in this case, the focus is the space, and the innovation. Any ‘styling’ would need to be simple and clever.

Meet Joey

Joey the Goldfish was brought in to add life and whimsy to the Master Bath. (More about the room itslef next time). He handled the shoot like a pro, not needing too many takes to hit his mark. Here he is with Josefera Mulaire, who is handling all the photography for the house.

The plan was to have Joey rest on his fish-laurels after the shoot, in a quiet corner of my office, in a really pretty bowl. But goldfish need a lot more care than you might think. The need a lot more room than a bowl, and trust me on this, they really, really need to be water with a filter.

Here is Joey getting acclimated to his new home


 Doug was a little surprised when he came home the other night, but we are both enjoying having Joey around. It’s ironic that(as a Decorator) I have not gotten around to decorating his tank yet, but we’ll be hitting the pet store over the weekend. Besides some plants, the glow-in-the-dark treasure chest, and the deep-sea diver who blows bubbles, I think we’ll be bringing home some more new friends, too.