Google Alerts, and On Being A Successful Optimist (YES, I’m B-A-A-A-C-K!)

Google Alerts, and On Being A Successful Optimist

YES, I’m B-A-A-A-C-K!

Gotta love Google Analytics, and the alerts you set up to skim tidbits out of cyber-space on your behalf…I have several: most to make sure my intellectual property stays mine, but a few to see who else is talking about the same concepts and directions I do.

Last few weeks when my computer was in and out of ICU-what saved me-what connected me-were the accumulated alerts that I had left for that proverbial rainy day that I accessed through my handy-dandy smart phone.

One gem is a recent WSJ article by Mark Stevenson: Eight Principles of Successful Optimists.  Adapted from his book, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future-what is there not to be enthused about in either title?? The article did not disappoint, I especially liked his first principle:

Have an unashamed optimism of ambition. Don’t feel embarrassed to say that things can be better. Have no qualms about imagining an improved world and advocating for it, no matter how much derision you may receive at the hands of the cynical.

I believe we have the power to attract what we want in our lives; and I am also an optimist…not sure which came first, but no matter.  How empowering is it to voice your best dreams and hope, and give them legs?

The book  was named one of the 10 Essential Books for Thought-Provoking Summer Reading by The Atlantic…but follow the link above to read the article,  enjoy the rest of them on your own, and may your own best force be with you!