Got Too Much Stuff? Need Stuff? (Do You Like FREE Stuff?) Think Freecycle!

August is usually when we start thinking about the productive things we ‘should’ be doing with our summer.  Often that means getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore. If that’s you-this Westchester County Home Stager says think Freecycle!

A great resource for almost anyone, but real estate agents and downsizers should take special note: Freecycle is like a safe Craigslist, and everything is F-R-E-E. Free to join, free to list, free stuff. It’s local, green, charitable, and very, very fast-paced. Simply-members list what they want to give away-or what they’re looking for. Other members are notified by 2, maybe 3 different email blasts a day, and respond.

Freecycle started in 2003 as a neighborhood group in Tuscon AZ.. It’s since grown to almost 5300 geographic chapters with more than 9 million members world-wide. Here in Westchester there are close to 8,000 members.  The Refreshed Home has been a member for years, and recommends it to clients all the time.

‘Rules’ are simple.Listing members list accurately, with photos if possible. Accepting members pick up IMMEDIATELY, at the donor’s convenience, or as they specify. There are no holds, no let-me-see-when-I-get-theres.

Matches are mutually joyful!! (Can you tell which woman is my happy donor client, and who’s the happy recipient?) Getting something you want/need for free speaks for itself, but donors who see their treasures so enthusiastically received have their minds eased AND free up their space.

My clients have found homes for

  • Albums
  • Yard-size bags of tiger lily tubers
  • Kids clothing
  • A world-class collection of opera recordings
  • Washers and dryers
  • Exercise, office and recording equipment
  • Unwanted furniture, art and accessories.

Personally I’ve received a folding table, some lamps, dead laptops (I use them as staging props), and enough Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to take me into the next decade.

The catch? You have to be a Freecycle MEMBER. What makes it safe is that members are known. What keeps it free is that each chapter is run by a team of volunteer admins who oversee applications and postings. So click here to connect with your local chapter, give’em a day or two to process, then woo-hoo, you’re on your way!