Got Snow? Want A Great Idea?

Here in the lower Hudson Valley, we are snow-weary. That giddy “snow day!” excitement we all had is long gone. Instead we are re-calibrating our schedules everyday, and there is salt residue, clunky books and bulky outer garments everywhere.

What a great time to look  at houses…and I mean really look AT them.

With most of the foliage gone, or buried under the white stuff, you have a clean palette.  There is very little to distract the eye,  you can see every detail…which, in the end, is a good thing.

If you are staying in your home and thinking about painting or updating, drive around and check out color combinations and  trim, and other details.  Shutters? New front door?  Hmmm maybe that slate blue color you love isn’t the best choice for your southern-exposure house…

 Less than 5% of the population can comfortably visualize anything other than what’s in front of them, and you’ll see things now that would not be as visible the rest of the year.

 Some you’ll love, some maybe not so much, but guaranteed: you’ll develop your style, and your confidence to make decisions when the springtime rolls around.

If 2011 is the year you are going to sell your house, same principle, same idea, different focus. Take a long, hard look at your house, then drive around and look at other homes…which ones would you want to buy?

All this snow is a  great filter that will help you see your house through the eyes of a buyer; very easy to see the difference between the houses that have been maintained, and those that have deferred the maintenance.

Dirt/mildew on any of the surfaces- missing spindles on decks-  peeling, faded or outdated paint- gutters in need of repair-overgrown landscaping-even old mailboxes or undersize house numbers-buyers will see it all.   

Talk it over with your Realtor, make a list, and start interviewing contractors-you want to be ready to roll when the weather permits. (And if you need further encouragement, have your accountant confirm how much of your list is a deductible expense!)

Again, same idea if you’ve decided to buy in 2011. Looking at lots of houses will develop your eye, and give you  insight into what you like and why; excellent time to get a good sense of  specific houses  and the property; how it has been cared for, and what might need to be done.

 For all of us, really ‘seeing’ something is a call to action. Whatever decision you might be contemplating, this is a good first step.