Great Expectations

The idea of working with a design or home staging professional might seem quaint and superfluous.  Resources abound! You’ve got HGTV, IG, Houzz and Pinterest at your side!  Apps like Chairish/Offer Up/Trove etc. give even more options. All good…if your expectation is lots of ideas= your making the best choices.

DIY design/home staging is fine. Until it’s not. Unfortunately, that’s when I hear from most new clients. And sadly, the deeper they are into the process, usually there’s more regret to overcome, and less time or funds to work with.

Expectations or perceptions may be hard to articulate, but being disappointed is not. Sometimes it’s only after being disappointed that we’re aware of what our expectations or perceptions were.

Disappointment isn’t fatal, but it’s relative to what you expect, and have invested. Bad first dates go on to become good party stories. Having to cancel the caterer and return wedding gifts is a very different thing.

Beyond aesthetics, expectations and perceptions about home and design choices typically triangulate around the intangible and wildly variable. How it works, how it feels, and what it costs are top considerations.

The Refreshed Home believes in less design regret, and in maximizing funds! Design consults with principals are what I do, and early on is best.  Working with buyers, sellers, flippers, and homeowners, we plan and prioritize to:

  • Get your property sold quickly and well
  • Help evaluate, and get you settled into another
  • Help you re-work or improve your current space

In an hour or two I’ll help you sort through, and untangle all the options and ideas. We’ll weigh feasibility and costs, and come up with a plan that’ll align your expectations with actual results.

Buying, building, selling, or staying and improving in Westchester County? Talk with me today, I promise: you’ll choose well, while saving time and money once you’re pointed in the right direction!