Greening Westchester Is A Year-Round Proposition

Recycling and re-purposing are words we generally start hearing around spring…you know, when we start feeling alive again, and want to change the world.

Recycling statistics for Westchester are very impressive, and  IMHO a lot of credit goes to both past-and present-county administration for making, then keeping recycling front and center to county residents. 

But sorry, I still think we can all do more. Could there be a better New Year’s resolution than to make greener living a bigger part of your and your family’s life?

To get a quick start in the New Year, here are links on Westchester County site to recycling info, Curbside Recycling Guide, and Household Material Recovery Guide, including schedule of events for 2011.

If some of your ‘stuff’ has outlived it’s useful life cycle, please do look into arrangements for breaking it down/re-purposing it responsibly. 

If you are in possession of goods that seem to still have some usage in them, but just not needed in your life or household, re-purposing them could be the answer. Here are some links to check out and get more info, and donation guidelines.

United Way of Westchester and Putnam has the 211 program that serves as a clearing house, connecting people with stuff to county agencies that need them.

Freecycle is probably best described as a free, online swap meet. You need to register, but free of cost and spam. Simply people who have-or want- stuff post it, people who can help respond.

Furniture Sharehouse accepts your basic furniture and some furnishings to be re-distributed;  free to clients of about 3 dozen local agencies.

Pets Alive (previoulsy Elmsford Animal Shelter and SPCA of Briarcliff  are both no-kill shelters, and will gratefully accept your sheets, towels and blankets to lend warmth and comfort to the animals they rescue.

Even if you are already lean and green, please consider bookmarking and sharing/forwarding this info to others in your circle…every little bit adds up.