Have You Made Your Labor Day Resolutions Yet?

Originally published in September 2012, updated for 2013

Many Labor Days ago (before everything was online) I remember reading an op-ed piece in the NYT, exploring why Labor Day would make a better New Years Day.  

Don’t ask me where my keys are, but this article from 20 +/- years ago really hit a chord,  and YES, I think of this every year.

There were two premises: First, as a practical matter, there is just WAY  too much going on in December to plan, or implement any kind of real change.

Second-the lure of a fresh start- the hope, promise and potential of a new school year, ingrained in us as children, is irresistible to us as adults. This aligns perfectly with what we currently look for in late December.

As adults, we can start fresh on any day we choose… but it just feels right, when so many other people are on the same page.

This last year we have been coming out of the shadows uncertain time…slowly, and sobered, but with quiet confidence.  Most economic prognosticators and reports are cautiously optimistic.  In our  personal and professional lives we are doing things: making decisions and choosing to move forward, and getting on with our  lives>>>often manifested by getting rid of physical, mental and emotional clutter. Energized, we are  re-claiming our power, and choosing to be happy.

August was glorious here in the Northeast, but alas, here we are again, on the threshold of fall.  Whatever you have going on in the next few days, I hope you can find some quiet time…to collect your thoughts, restore your balance and refresh your heart, so you’re open to, and all ready for your next adventure.  HAPPY LABOR DAY, EVERYONE!!