Home Staging and Fall Market: Two Cents on Westchester ‘Selling Seasons’

Used to be houses were on the market in Spring and Summer, buyers moved in the Fall, and everyone left standing reconciled themselves to ‘next year’. 2013-10-27 16.03.34

There were many reasons for this, all valid at the time. But little has been consistent, or even predictable about market cycles and ‘typical’ selling seasons of late. While there’s a good amount of pent-up demand, recovery in the Westchester market has been nicely steady, and  I see people make moves when they are ready.

Most arguments ‘for’ Fall and Winter selling seasons fall into 2 categories: houses can look very appealing during holiday seasons, and (for sellers) there is less on the market for serious buyers to see.

School schedules, year-end holidays, and physical ease of moving typically drove this timetable. SURE we can still have lousy winter weather here in the northeast, but:

  • Not all buyers/sellers have children,  or are beholden to a school schedule.
  • Nor do all buyers/sellers observe Fall holiday calendars
  • Constantly updated information, available 24/7 has leveled the field-anyone can be looking, anytime

With all the conditions buyers/sellers have to handle and coordinate, finding the right house, or right buyer/offer is paramount, everything else is a nice to have.  And yes, spring season is a really nice to have, but The Refreshed Home suggests that the best time to sell your Westchester County property is when you-and your property-are market-ready.

And separate out being market-ready from being listed. Being ready means you hold all the cards. Mortgage rates go up? Unseasonably warm February? You find your new dream house? You’re ready to act. Actually going live-signing the listing agreement, scheduling the photos-these can be done in hours. Clearing out impacted closets, getting the roof repaired or even just adding fresh coat of paint-not so much.

So what’s this Westchester County Home Stagers’  two cents’?

  • It’s never to early to START the process of getting a property ready for sale
  • There is still time to get to the closing table by the end of the year
  • Move-in ready is GOLD

People are looking 24/7.  At home in their bunny slippers, or on their phone while pumping gas or waiting for their sandwich at the deli. Put what works for you, and what will best attract your buyer ahead of the calendar. And if you need someone to help you get focused and prioritize, you know who to call, right?