Home Staging and Listing Prices: Two Cents on Big Numbers

imagesCAZ9A295Home Stagers and listing prices. Unlike peanut butter and jelly-two words you don’t usually hear together. 

Determining listing prices is not the province of Home Staging, but The Refreshed Home believes adding perspective to it is.

I counsel clients to view setting a listing price as science and art.  There are numbers, trends, history and technology to grasp and reconcile.  YES- there are hopes and dreams to consider, but it’s pure folly to put their hopes and dreams ahead of the buyers’.

Listing prices are a tool to start the conversation. They are estimates. Good, and hopefully educated estimates, but at the end of the day, it’s just a number on a piece of paper.  Of course important, but not binding. Every day in Westchester County properties sell for over list…at list…and under list.

Worried about ‘giving it away’? Don’t be. The market is bigger than any of us, it’s your extraordinarily reality-based insurance policy.  It doesn’t care what your neighbor thinks, what you want. The market will tell you quickly what your property is worth by the quantity and quality of offers you receive.

Buyers buy what they want, and they buy to be happy.

Listing prices are serious business, but not the same as selling prices.

The only real control a seller has lies in the product they choose to present.