Hot Seller Tip #7

The Refreshed Home recommends

Hot Seller Tip #7

Planning to put your property on the market next year?

Good listing photos, and curb appeal are proven element that attract the most, and best-qualified buyers;  plan for, and start taking your ‘best of’ photos now.

Here in Westchester County, we are blessed with a series of distinct seasons whose best days will make you forget whatever came before. These current, glorious days of late summer will soon be a fond memory. YOUR memory.

Buying is always about looking forward, to the hope and promise of the future. And the shiniest penny will get the most attention.

Come dark and snowy January, let your buyers see the light of spring. In stark and muddy March, show buyers lush gardens, and green lawns. In steamy August-brilliant foliage and those magical, winter wonderland shots. Trust this Westchester County Home Stager:  pictures now, possibly for MLS, or even on a DVD that would play during Open Houses will serve you well.

The Refreshed Home recommendsYou don’t need a ton of photographic equipment, many consumer cameras can take reasonably good photos, but it’d be smart to speak with your agent about your plans, and the MLS photo specs first.

Full light, sunset, first snowflakes, or morning mist: whatever you like best about your property and your space will certainly resonate for others. Don’t forget the porch, the patio, even the poolside.

Similarly, if your property’s exterior is NOT all it could be, take those pictures, and of properties and gardens that DO speak to you. Take them to an expert, and develop a plan to get the right plants and bulbs planted at the right time, perhaps even get landscape lighting set up or adjusted.

Speaking practically,  “Spring Market” starts January 1st.  Get started now, be ready then, and have the house buyers want.