Household Recycling Days

Although budget cutbacks have forced some changes, Westchester still has a pretty robust schedule for their residents. will get you to the basic info, find schedule on right-hand menu. Note each location has different capabilities, so best to see what you have first, then plan.

Last spring I observed one of these at Playland. Stunning. Dozens-DOZENS- of wrapped palettes stacked high with unwanted electronics. Under the watchful eye of several of the County’s finest, many, many  clear garbage bags full of unneeded/expired medications. A drive-thru, about the length of a football field, had different stations for the various kinds of chemical waste: guys in HazMat tyvek suits taking things like paint, cleaning supplies and whatever else (I didn’t get too close) out of your car.

The cars moved quickly, most were gone in minutes. But they kept coming. It was a cold and rainy March afternoon, but in the almost 2 hours I was there, I don’t think I ever saw less than 30 cars waiting on line.  It was very difficult to see and absorb waste on this scale; as a citizen of the world, I was embarrassed. 

Sure, much of this accumulation was years in the making, and the past few years have certainly  re-calibrated our urge to procure, but a provacative and troubling question remains: where would it go otherwise?

Illegally dumped chemicals, drugs and other materials will find their way into our water, get ingested by wildlife, poison our soil, then ultimately, us. Materials disposed of legally will cost the individual homeowner big time.

Growing up, my family brought recyclables to a set of dumpsters set up behind the Briarcliff PO. Now it’s law, because enough people wanted it, there are bins and weekly pickups. Things change when enough people speak up.

Right now next year’s budget is being drawn up, maintaining/reinstating these events are part of it. If you understand the alternatives, and believe in the value of these services, let County Executive Astorino and your legislator know.  This will help you find and contact your legislator. They are the people who vote on the budget, they need to know what’s on your mind.