How a Cup of Coffee Could Change Your Seller’s Thinking

Have you seen Starbuck’s latest print ads or commercials?  Friends share the secret of  good coffee by way of passing individual packets to others we come to know by way of the sayings on their coffee cups.

Clever and entertaining, these ads bring a light-hearted approach to that very intimate relationship many of us do have with our coffee. Even has a hip and catchy name, VIA Ready Brew.

HELLO????  It’s instant coffee!!!  It was what my tea-drinking Nana kept in her cupboard for when she had visitors, or it was what you might bring camping, or if you were an astronaut.

I’m not a coffee snob, or overly obsessed about it- in fact, short of diners and my 7am BNI meetings, I rarely have coffee outside of my home, two cups tops, and never ever after 11am-but come on!! You got past the foam on top because it was either the polite thing to do, or it’s an emergency; it was never a good first choice.

We see the packet ripped open, and poured into hot water, so there are no illusions. Yet Starbucks has poured considerable bucks into first engaging us, then with a wink and smile acknowledges how we really live, and the take-away is that when you know what you are doing, are good at it and passionate about it, the end result is a great product that is counter-intuitive, and will defy your beliefs and expectations.

HELLO???  That’s Home Staging!!

C’mon, grab a cup of whatever, and really- let’s talk about your home!!