How Long Will You Wait?

My  pal Liz sent me  this clip to me over the weekend.  I am not a fan of the vote-for-your-favorite-talent-on-the-telley genre, but if  you are, you may already know part of the story, but stay with me til the end.

And even if you know  all the story, IMO it’s worth re-visiting.  This was the only embedd-able version I could find, so don’t mind the graphics. It’s about 6 minutes long, watch it all the way thru and then continue reading.



This really moved me,  but it was the usually snarky Simon’s question at the end that really hit me hard…how many years has she been waiting to do this?


Because I don’t follow any of this stuff, I wanted to find out more and share it, so straight to YouTube I went, typed in Janey Cutler.


What was the first thing that popped up? Janey Cutler dies.

Yes, apparently the clip Liz sent me was from 2010,  and Mrs. Cutler, after what her kids call probably the most fun year and a half of her life, passed away in her sleep earlier this year.

Which makes Simon’s question-how many years have you been waiting to do this?-all the more poignant.

We all have our own version of greatness in us, at our reach. What do we let stand in our way, and keep us in an unhappy place?  Relationships, bad habits, material goods?  Grudges, fears or regrets?

Talk of resolutions and sweeping changes usually reaches a fever pitch the last week of the year, but truth is, ANY day-EVERY day-can be a new beginning.  Whenever your time is right, be grateful for the grace of recognizing it, and get going. Just don’t let your best song stay unsung.