How To Clean Soot Off A Fireplace Surround

How to Clean Soot Off A Fireplace Surround 

Sooty fireplaces are yucky.

If you are staying, at summer’s end,  many homeowners find themselves looking at their home interiors with new eyes, as they make plans for spending more time indoors.

If you are selling, obvious, deferred maintenance will always set off alarm bells for buyers: ‘what else did they neglect that maybe I can’t see?’ 

Fireplaces are often a  prominant feature in a front room, and a big selling point in almost all markets.  A clean, sootless fireplace surround pays big dividends: Great listing photos to bring buyers in, and uninterrupted romantic reverie,  once they are there.

HUGE BONUS-cleaning soot off a fireplace surround it is one of the easiest DIY projects you can possible imagine.  REALLY.

 Today’s post comes from channeling my one and only HGTV fav, Sabrina Sota, of  Get It Sold…I always learn something from her shows.

You can use any generic spray cleaner (I just have a thing for the bubble creatures), and just so simple…cover the floor, then spray the brick or stone, and grout.

Let it sit for a minute or two, then distribute foam evenly by using one wet sponge, and after it’s foamed up for another minute or so, wipe off using another, clean sponge, and a clean bucket of water.

If build up is extensive, you may have to repeat. Only word of caution is if brick is painted, you may want to test out first on a small, innocuous area.