“I Don`t Know” is Not a Sales Pitch

"I Don't Know" is Not a Sales Pitch

In David Mamet’s gritty classic Glengarry Glen Ross, the air was ripe with the scent of desperation (yes, even in the movie theaters, or at home with NetFlix!) Audiences would tense and twist as one, seeing the sales pitch coming a mile away.

The old borax hard-selling spiels (think time shares, used cars, property that needs to be developed) relied on protracted discussions to draw in and engage their victims buyers to a point where they were either worn down, or talking and thinking in circles, and thereby weakened, could fall prey agree to purchase.

OK< so we all hate being pitched.

When I launched The Refreshed Home in 2007, typically one of the first questions was how much? I don’t know was my first response. I didn’t like it, but without knowing a any more info, how could answer that?

Got that ‘don’t pitch me’ face all the time. Quoting an hourly rate-the short answer-didn’t answer the real questions people had. The longer It depends, tell me what you need were not helpful either. Either way listeners were annoyed, or frustrated. And so was I!

‘Knowlege acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind’ ~ Plato

Thirty+ years in this field has proven a horrible, totally unbearable truth: To get helpful and accurate information, you will actually need to talk to me! And give me your attention. For more than 15 seconds. Another indignity-you  may even be asked to answer questions YOU don’t think are important!

How much? or Why can’t you just give me a price? are simple, and valid questions. But Design and Staging are complex personal services, shaped by nuance and expectations.I don’t know is an equally valid first response to someone I’ve never met, regarding a space I’ve never seen.

As a small business owner, I have neither the time for, or interest in unhelpful conversations. But I love what I do. I have seen the power of a re-worked space lift burdens and transform lives. I am never, ever too busy to speak with an interested or curious person about how they might better their space.

If you are thinking about making some changes in your space-and by extension, in your life contact The Refreshed Home today. A few minutes now will give you good answers to more of your real questions that you can imagine!!