I Know My Brand

Seems the sweet spot is both shrinking and shifting in the discussion on if/how/when/where to use social media in business. In fact, am listening to a webinar on that topic as I write this.

 The conversation focuses on the dichotomy of  how to use the myriad of technologies to personally connect with the masses.  But they are not using the word ‘dichotomy’, they’re talking about how to do it. Oh boy.

I have written about this before…I sincerely try to be honest with myself and separate out  my lack of skills from my dislike of over-reliance on fake-friendly technology… yes, the kind that personally reaches the massesand my belief  that in the end, this is not how I’m going to best connect with clients.

Interior Decorating and Home Staging are intimate propositions. You invite me into your home-or your listing-I’m meeting your family,  looking at, and touching your stuff. We talk about money, your hope, your dreams. To give me a frame of reference, I also ask about Staging and Decorating things that didn’t go so well. Pretty personal stuff.

I don’t have anything personal against the highly-wired, just  probably wouldn’t feel comfortable doing business with them. And that’s ok. They might not be thrilled to work with me, either.

Isn’t that the greatest thing about being in business for yourself??

Earlier in the fall Loreena Yeo wrote a great post on what a brand is-and isn’t. I’ve saved the link and go back and read it from time to time.  While I “still” don’t have all the answers, I sure have a lot less questions.

There is no ultimate best strategy, we all need to find who we are, and what we want to be first, then define our way. If that doesn’t work the way we want it to, we re-evaluate. Simple, right?!