If You Hit a Wall, Paint It

Entering the 4th week of staying at home you’ve probably run out of distractions. You’ve done the fun stuff, the stuff that was needed, and probably even have done or learned a few new things. But now you’re feeling unfocused, without purpose. So TRH suggests if you hit a wall, repaint it. Or wallpaper it. Maybe hang some art, organize it, or heck, go wild, even rework the whole room!

Snacking or imbibing aside, our bodies have chemically changed the last few weeks. Even if we don’t think ourselves to be the most social beings, our brains are not getting the adrenaline hits from setting and meeting deadlines, our bodies are craving the endorphins we get from connecting.

We need purpose, and small do-able projects could be just the thing. I always advise cleints to keep their focus on what they can do, then do it. So if you hit a wall, literally consider painting it.

Both Sherwin WIlliams and Benjamin Moore offer online tools to plug in their colors to your pictures, and at this time, curbside pick up is available in most Westchester County locations.  NYT’s simple advice to clear out and organize your pantry can apply to any closet or garage.

Because TRH was launched to be about a user-friendly process rather than product, e-consults have always been a part of what we do. An internet connection and a tablet or laptop, we can safely connect via Zoom in real time. Together we hash out the whats, whys, hows, and costs, and get you pointed in the right direction. Here’s what a paint color consult looks like.

Service doesn’t just get a job done, it makes people feel cared for. No matter if you’re planning to buy, sell, or stay and improve e-consults help you sort both the mental and physicaly things out. Curious? Be well first, then be  in touch, we’ll figure it out!