Improv Everywhere: Silly Things To Make You Smile, Since 2001

Have you seen that commercial for a mobil phone service, where a guy standing in Grand Central whips off his trench coat, and breaks into a spirited dance, only to realize he is dancing solo…THEN his old, outdated phone receives the text that the events’ time has been changed.

This premise was inspired by the real-life NewYork based comedy collective know as Improv Everywhere. Just over 10 years ago, Charlie Todd, a comediam from The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater started putting together the unusual, attention grabbing pranks…er, “MISSIONS”  that would involve numerous players-most of whom don’t know each other-all to be played out on a big city stage.

Calling in sometimes hundreds of volunteers, they turned a GEL conference into a musical, sent 80 blue polo shirt and khaki-wearing players into a Best Buy, even  threw a surprise wedding reception for a random couple who just got married at City Hall.  Subways are their favorite petri-dishes, though: have hosted  Star Wars battles, High Fives , and my personal favorite, their  annual No Pants Subway Ride.

Anyone can participate: subscribe to get the videos directly, and info on upcoming missions.  Free, no obligation, and no spam, either.

Just came across this , and just had to smile…so delightful, how could you not be happy?