In Baseball It’s Called A Suicide-Squeeze…

In Baseball, It’s Called A Suicide-Squeeze… basketball, it’s known as a buzzer-beater, and in football, a  Hail Mary Pass.

Last moment, last chance, to win big.  You’ve run out of options, back against the wall. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

 It’s dramatic and nervy, a move borne of both confidence and desperation.  Once it’s launched, all spectators hold their breath, and time stands still.

It makes for great sports experiences, but when selling a property… not so much.

Considering Staging as a fall-back, or Phase Two kind of plan will cost both agent and seller time and money. 

Homes get the most interest/traffic in the first 2 weeks they are on the market, and MLS has rigid guidelines about what constitutes a ‘new’ listing, so taking it off  to clean it up, and give it a second chance to make a better first impression is not encouraged.

Whether you are an agent, or a home seller, do yourself a favor and talk with a professional Home Stager early on. There is nothing to be afraid of-in fact, consider these comparisons:

1.  Like any other profession, talking with a Stager is not a decision to hire anyone, you are gathering info.

2. Like any other job interview, you both get to ask questions.

3. Like dating, it needs  to work for both of you.

4. Like holiday shopping, delaying and last-minute decisions limit your options.

5. LIke any other major destination, there are numerous ways to get there.

Stagers, are, for the most part, nice and regular people, who just want to help get houses sold.  Even if you don’t hire a Stager right away, you will be smarter, and make some better decisions. 

REMEMBER-your successes are their successesso deep breath, relax, and just start the conversation!