In Praise of Sleep, Sundays, and Blueberry Pancakes

It has been very busy lately.

Good busy, and I am very grateful. But with busy comes deadlines…one after another, like one very long game of Whack-A-Mole. 

After so many days like that, I’ve been aching for a morning where I wake up when I’m ready…not by an alarm clock, a phone ringing, a dog barking or such.

A morning where my first waking thought is NOT what day is it, and where do I need to be?

A morning to sleep in, and just feel whole again.  Unexpectedly, this morning was that morning, what a treat.

My listings deadlines met, the furniture drive at Armonk’s Zero Waste Day behind me, and  Doug quietly slipping out on an extended walk with Bella, waking up this morning was bliss.

OK….Admittedly, it was also almost ‘afternoon’…

AND WHATS THIS–being presented with fresh blueberry pancakes??  And a tall iced coffee!

Not even my birthday!


Still things to do to day, but my mind is clearer, and my heart lighter.  Certainly loved,  and now appropriately caffeinated and well-fed, I can take it all on. And Monday will get here soon enough.

Very, very grateful Life is good indeed.  Have a great day, everyone!