Is Now (FINALLY) the Best Time to Sell Your Westchester County NY House?

imagesCA8G7IXZIt’s been quite a year for Westchester County NY homeowners on the cusp of selling: many prognosticators were urging homeowners to be content with small but forward moves towards recovery, while some markets were quietly going from zero to 60.

Now the chatter is about wide-spread shortage of inventory, and sellers who are sitting back, waiting to see how high it can go.

SO-is now finally the best time to sell your Westchester County NY house?

Choosing when to list your house for sale  is a decision best made with the counsel of a good Realtor. The Refreshed Home believes deciding to have your house READY, for when you’re ready-is a different choice entirely.

The act of pricing and listing a house is a relatively quick process; of making sure it is market-ready:  ummm, not so much.

Doing whatever  needs to be done to be ready to sell doesn’t just support a selling scenario: needed repairs and modest updates will enhance your quality of life should you decide to stay. A coat of fresh paint, some new bed linens, or clearing out closets, garages and the like never hurt anyone.

The point is: if your house is ready, you are.   You hold all the cards: you’re free to decide, and make a fast move when it is your best time to sell your house.  You’re poised to respond to demand-or take advantage of  a great property you want to buy!-but also able to relax, wait and pick your time.

The Refreshed Home knows getting a property ready for sale is not just about a good visual, it’s just as much about the people and the process. If  the thought of selling your Westchester County house has crossed your mind, this Westchester County Home Stager recommends separating out having the house ready from the myriad of all your other decisions. You’ll find your  life will be easier, your mind will be eased, and your other decisions will be a lot easier to make.