Is Your Listing the Leftover Turkey?

The Refreshed Home wonders-anything more cliched this time of year than leftover turkey that no one wants to see?

Oh. Right.

Old listings with little interest, and no offers. And sellers who wring their hands, bemoaning their state of affairs.

Channeling Cher, from Moonstruck, “Snap Out of It!”

Don’t let your listing be the leftover turkey. There are buyers and sellers out there, 24/7. Bidding wars are not urban myths, but you have to have the house buyers want.

Two things entice a buyer to act:  Price, and condition.  I’m not an agent, and don’t discuss pricing other than to  note that if it’s not in line with the rest of the market, you’re out. But condition….and conditions are two things this Westchester County Home Stager is an expert on. Here are three reasons buyers will pick over, and ultimately pass on a leftover turkey  house.

Accompanied tours

A buyer’s time in a house is all about THEM. It’s when their dreams come out and play; showing agents are there to listen, and answer any questions the buyers actually pose.

NOTHING makes buyers shut down and lose interest quicker than having to edit their thoughts, or listen to what the current owner thinks is important about the property.  Sellers who stubbornly argue this point will probably never sell their house.  Or it will drag on-grimly, and at considerable expense to the seller (price reductions and carrying costs) MORAL:  If you really want to sell, let your agent do their job. Get. Out. Of. The. House.

Listing photos 

Online searches are the very first things 90+% of buyers do. If your listing photos are not the best they can be, guess what!  CLICK! In seconds, your listing is out, and they’re gone, on to the next one.  Photographic quality is important, but subject matter comes first, agent and seller are equally responsible.

Photos of under-lit, messy rooms, say volumes to the buyers, and about both the seller and agent. It costs NOTHING to turn on a light, straighten a shade, clear off the counter, make the bed, or lower the toilet seat. Think about it. Better yet, do it.

Bad first dates

Ever have a first date where the other person cared a lot less than you did?   Maybe they looked like they got dressed out of the hamper, or their personal grooming was minimal. Perhaps they were late… or spent the entire time talking about themselves?  Maybe they were more curious about who else was in the room, or more engaged with their phone?

When someone clearly places themselves and their needs/interests in front of connecting with you, it doesn’t feel good. In relationships and real estate, that means no second date. When a seller doesn’t agree to a reasonable price, put any effort into having the house look presentable, or accommodate reasonable showing requests-buyers get the message. They will move ON, not IN.

There are so many things homeowners can do themselves to better their houses’ market position.  Don’t let your listing be the leftover turkey. Talk to me today about getting your house noticed, and SOLD!