It IS Girl Scout Cookie Time! (STILL!)

The door to door ordering time has passed, it is still possible to procure these treats, but better hurry. Heart of the Hudson, the council that oversees scout troops in our area has inventoried some of these delights, and now, thru 5/21, on a first-come, first-served basis, you can soothe the crave.

This year there are a total of 11 varieties to choose from…half are old favorites-thin mints, tag-a-longs, samoas, trefoils and do-si-dos; some of the newer favorites include lemon chalet cream, do-si-dos, dulce de leche and a very intriguing sounding-thank you berry munch.

Boxes cost $3.50 each, and it was a very pleasant surprise to find out that the bulk of the proceeds stay right here in the area, supporting activities and projects of the girls and their troops..and what activities! While I don’t exactly go back to the days of Juliette Gordon  Low (GSA founder), “each cookie has a mission”, and  it was a real eye-opener to find out what today’s scouts know, and do for badges now (CAD?? Polymers? What, exactly is a polymer??)  Check it out then_now , and  then_now_jrbadg e, wow.

ANYWAY-back to the important issue, buying these delicious cookies, um, I mean SUPPORTING THIS WONDERFUL ORGANIZATION! Gloria Gorell and Jill Jameson are  co-leaders of Pleasantville Seniors troop #2687- and now my personal heros, both have been leaders for years, Gloria even worked with this same group of 10th graders since they were Daisies, in Kindergarten!

Contact Gloria directly at gloriagorell@mac.comand she will hook you up…said cookies are being kept at an undisclosed location, but suffice to say you can probably have them in hand pretty quickly. And if you want to support the girls without actually ingesting the calories yourself, you can buy boxes that the troop donates to a local charity on your behalf, how cool is that?

Lastly if you haven’t seen it already, check out the riff on Girl Scout cookie time, from this past weekend’s SNL Weekend Update.  Watch, enjoy, but leave some thin mints for the rest of us!!