It Was a Very Good Week for TRH’s Clients

This has been a very good week for staging clients of The Refreshed Home.

Through Wednesday, 4 properties closed.  One was a condo, a full-ask, cash sale. The other 3 were occupied single family properties. 2 also got full ask, and the 4th sold for 104.7% of original ask.

Better, together their average Days on Market (first day live, to fully signed contracts) was 43.75 days, just less than half of Westchester County’s 88 DOM average.  

Best? 8 families got on with their lives. 

Westchester has its share of spectacular statement properties, but right now owners of the more-dare I say average?-properties (houses, coops and condos) are in the driver seat. These are the properties buyers want, and these sellers have the best opportunity to sell quickly and well.

Key to each of these sellers’ success:

  • They hired an agent who knows their market, priced it right, and took professional photos
  • They followed TRH’s recommendations on prioritizing their efforts (infographic below)
  • They were ‘present’, and chose to put their best foot forward, from Day One

How to Get Your House Sold

Home Staging is simply the process of getting a property to its market ready best. Done well, it matches tasks that line up with your timeline, expectation and price point. Interested or curious? Or maybe what you’ve been trying hasn’t worked out as you hoped?  Talk to me today about getting your property noticed and SOLD!