Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville New York 10570

Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville New York 10570

Kudos to Jacob Burns Film Center, last  month they celebrated their 10 year anniversary!

Have written about them in the past…essentially, they make it very easy, and very reasonable to see wonderful, thoughtful movies you might have had to otherwise trek into Manhattan to see…

Assuming you also had the time and skill to first wade thru all the offerings and pick the winners on your own.

So much of what is at the Megs-Mega Plex is like bad fast food…perhaps briefly satisfying but ultimately unsubstantial, and probably not any good for you, either.

BUT-every time we see something there, I always leave feeling wiser, and more evolved as a person.

Tonight Doug and I went to see Buck.  It was the real-life story of Buck Brannerman, who-per Robert Redford- is the Horse Whisperer.  Of course it’s about horses, but so much more.  Trailer is currently on Burns’ home page, click here to check it out.

If you are not familiar with Jacob Burns Theater,  here 3 reasons you owe it to yourself to check out:

Shows. Terrific individual movies, but their series are stellar.

We’ve seen several in the past. Last month: Italian Classics; starting Tuesday Sounds of Summer -music documentaries featuring the Van Cliburn Piano competition and Kinshasa-the Congos’s only symphony-to the more familiar Dylan, Beatles, Kinks and Harry Nilsson.

Immediately after, to help squeeze that very last bit of fun out of your summer– Great Party MoviesThe Marx Brothers  (Animal Crackers) and John Belushi (Animal House) share the screen with the likes of Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast At TIffany’s), Carole Lombard and William Powell (My Man Godfrey).

Location  Pleasantville is, well, very pleasant.  Easy to get to, easy to park (usually free in local lots at night and on weekends), steps away from Metro North Station, as well as a number of great eating spots (try the Ying Yang prawns at Magic Wok).

Originally the Rome Theater, it was re-worked into several more intimate theaters, each seating about 100-125.  Comfy seats, fully accessible, great AC, and you won’t need a home equity line of credit to buy popcorn.

Community   Exposure to the arts makes us better and smarter, and builds better community. (Yes,  I know that is such a subjective statement, but this is my blog, and I can say these things!!).

Jacob Burns is a good neighbor, and has done much to elevate the community. Great movies and programs  for kids of all ages, and an on-going calendar of  truly special events.

And their membership is quite a deal…largely deductible, but $5.00 off movie tickets, and other perks, depending on level.

So-make plans for your own Date Night: see something wonderful on big screen, and you’ll see what I mean.