Let’ s Be Real Friends

Technology is fine.  I learn things as I need to, and as long as it helps me get things done better and faster, and there are kind and honest people who can fix things when they break- and aren’t  all smug about it-technology and I get along great.

I know the different social medias do have many good applications, but if I have 3 or 4 ways to reach you, I’m good. Constant preoccupation with our electronics does not necessarily make for good communications, or good relationships, and the automatic, immediate Pavlovian-like reaction to any ring/buzz/hum/etc cannot be good for developing judgement and priorities.

Mine is a minority opinion in many circles, so how surprised was I to see South Park, the bad-boys of late night comedy, take the FaceBook and friending craze on. “You Have 0 Friends” is one their most recent episodes. Sad in parts, all too true in others, I won’t link it here, but suffice to say if you can get past the rude and crude parts, you will find it spot on, and very funny.

I will probably always struggle to keep up with the latest and niftiest, but I think my real friends and clients will look me in the eye and be okay with that.