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Let’s Get Your House SOLD!  Staging For The Average Homeowner

Remember the classic cereal commercial -where two older brothers did not want to try this new breakfast cereal-and instead, gave it to their younger brother, wanting him to go first?  I get a similar reaction when I speak with sellers about how to prepare their property for sale: they want to see someone else make the first move.

“Thanks” to HGTV, most have their own idea of what Staging is, and kind-of how it might work, but it’s still perceived as dicey territory, or of questionable value.

Sellers will protest, their house is fine, they want to see some buyer interest first. Well,sorry, but if that was working for you, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this.

Agents-who are always being accosted to buy things, or sign up for the newest and latest-are understandably wary…they have invested much in establishing a good relationship with the seller, they don’t want anyone mucking things up. They are also very busy.  Your agent  might not have the time, or the eye to discern what needs to be done…or they might simply not know how to bring it up.

The Refreshed Home suggests considering Staging the proverbial third leg of a stool that supports getting a house sold quickly. It supports the seller who is genuinely willing and ready to do get their house sold, and the agent who prices and markets the property diligently.

Even with recent hopeful signs of recovery, buyers still have a lot of choices…and for many, one of those choices can be continuing to wait.

Staging-or preparing your property for the market is a business decision. It’s a commitment made by people who really want to sell-to attract the attention of, and engage serious buyers.

Yes, the goal is to make the house look as good as possible, but at The Refreshed Home, a good solution takes a number of things into consideration: the agents’ pricing and marketing strategy, the local market, and the sellers needs, goals and expectations.

If you have a property you want to-or need to- sell, come to my next interactive workshop at the Mamaroneck Public Library on Monday evening, July 9th at 6:30.

We’ll discuss this mysterious entity known as Staging, look at lots of before and after pictures, learn how to see a property through the eyes of a buyer, and send you home with things you can do to put your property’s best foot forward.  Hope to see you there!