Let’s Get Your House SOLD: Coming To Mt. Kisco Library Saturday March 12!!

  Why should I spend money to decorate a house I’m just going to sell?

If someone doesn’t like my collection of  ____, well, that’s just too bad!!

Can’t buyers just use their imagination?

Sound familiar? I hear these things every day. Home Staging is not a new concept-it’s an idea that has been around since the 70’s, but for various reasons, it’s been slower to gain traction here in the northeast.

TV shows that feature empty trophy houses filled with high-end furniture, or re-dos with unrealistic budgets and timelines has not helped, either.

Selling your house is a high-stakes proposition.  And today, because more people need to live in their house until they sell it, it’s become even more important to find creative, effective  reality-based solutions homeowners can live with.

   If you- OR YOUR SELLER– have made the decision to sell your house (and get on with your life!)-please join me at 11am on Saturday March 12th, in the Community Room in the Mt. Kisco Public Library,  100 Main Street.

ALL ARE WELCOME!!   Bring an open mind, along with your questions, a pad to write on, even some photos of your spaces, if you’d like. Let me help demystify the process, and help you see your property through the eyes of a buyer, so you can get your house SOLD!