Living Happily Ever After: Getting Cinderella Houses Noticed and SOLD!

Cinderella stories have a special place in our hearts: We love seeing the unappreciated or unremarkable overcome obstacles and oppression and rise to accolades, good fortune and success.

We root for underdogs because we want to see the inherently good and worthy be noticed and appreciated.

There’s the pastel, sparkly Disney-fied Cinderella, also the more goth, Brothers Grimm version.  Rare is any sports season without a Cinderella story.  I extend the analogy to two home selling scenarios:

First: A lot going for them, but no one notices:

  • Circumstances kept Cinderella (the property) plain in appearance while her snazzed-up stepsisters (other, competing properties) get all the attention.
  • A well-wishing life force, her Fairy Godmother (Home Stager) enters. She sees Cinderella’s (the sellers’)  pain, and gently puts the right things and good people in her life.
  • After the ball (showings) her stepsisters (buyers and other agents) did little but speak of this lovely woman (property). They didn’t analyze the components, they were just taken by the whole person (property).

OR: A one-of a kind fit that takes faith, determination and focus to find it’s match:

  • The Prince (seller) realizes the slipper (property) is unique and personal, and won’t fit (appeal) to everyone. He concentrates on opportunities how and where he can find the slippers’ (houses‘) owner.

Selling in Westchester County? Here’s how to make your own Cinderella story:

EVERYTHING starts with listing photos. Good ones drive traffic, how a space photographs is everything. Make sure your photos are the best they can be.

Sturdy, dependable houses can seal the deal, but need to get buyers there first.  Money spent on necessary but unglamorous, unsexy infrastructure stuff only matters once a buyers’ heart has fallen. Pay just as much attention to what buyers will see, sense and yes, even smell.

Stop thinking you’re Cinderella, be the Prince.  Reality check: in 2011 Westchester magazine reported median build date of single family houses in Westchester County was 1954. And almost one third of pre-1939 vintage. That’s a lot of variations for buyers to assess…and for agents to price!

  • Overly-personalized spaces, unexpected layouts or functions will confound buyers.  Understand they’re not a mini-you. They’re a skittish bunch, and will move on if they don’t get it. Make it easy for them to say YES.
  • Capes and center hall colonials are known entities in our market. Realize a less familiar contemporary (tudor, bungalow, Victorian, etc) might sit longer, or have less traffic. But good presentation, good photos that fit and enhance the natural character of the space will get enough of the right people there.
  • Cinderella properties typically don’t have a lot of comps. A listing price is a number on a piece of paper. OF COURSE money is important, but listen to your agent and give them some room. You’re not committed to a list price.  If Traffic Control is needed that first weekend-or no showings after 2 weeks, you know it’s time to re-visit. Entertaining highest and best is a lot more fun than negotiating price cuts.

You, too can have a well-wishing life/selling force! This Westchester County Home Stager is your friend and advocate.

Home Stager for over $400M worth of sold Westchester County properties, trust TRH to have the vision and expertise and work with you to get it done. I use gourds for tablescapes (not transportation!)  but together we craft a solid plan to get you to your destination. Talk to me TODAY about getting your property noticed, and SOLD!

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