Love, Life, Stress and the New York Times

Newspapers cause me great concern.

Obvious reasons (like content) aside, I love knowledge, and being more aware of what is going on in the world; hate to see so much paper used in such a fleeting manner.  Recycling newspapers before I read-or at least perused-them feels very bad. Sure,  it’s not new news, but I will still know more than before I read it….

I am a fan of the NY Times, their softer sides in particular. Articles with a unique and sometime quirky point, and the story about the interesting people behind them. Makes me feel like a wiser and kinder citizen. But because of the afore-mentioned points, newspapers-like buying brownies- sometimes there are things just best not brought into the house.

All these odd points converge in the persons of my neighbors-Len and Katherine next door, and Mary Jane downstairs.

Len gets weekend delivery, Fri-Sun. A few years ago, I asked Len if  he could leave me his Real Estate sections after he was done with them. Nothing of the instant there, but trends/info that I could read a week late without the world coming to an end.  It’s worked out so well that my welcome mat has now become his recycling bin, and I now get the benefit of his subscription, angst-free. 

The Home Section is published on Thursday though. I approached Mary Jane. Now, when she comes upstairs in search of Hugo, her Russian Blue Point with a wanderlust and a crush on my dog Bella-she also drops off the most recent edition of that section.

I used to leave rolls of quarters (for laundry) for my pals, but now everyone has their own pay-card, I reciprocate with gift cards for their favorite places instead…it works out very nicely.

All of which brings me to an article I just read, and wanted to share. Novelist Rick Moody penned  The Hazel Effect, a look at how Hazel, his 18 month old daughter has helped him to see new meanings of home, and community.

HEY-it’s a long weekend, give yourself these 10 minutes, read it and enjoy.