Make More With Less: Easy, High-ROI Tips To Get An Occupied Property NOTICED!

The last few weeks have got me caught up in, and really excited about the current mood in our market.

While buyers are still approaching this decision with caution, they want more than a price point. Things have evolved.  They are daring to dream. They want to be happy.  Simply, sellers who get that, and take the time to do their best in preparing their property for sale will get their properties noticed.

The Refreshed Home is budget-conscious, but not budget-driven; a big part of what I advise my sellers on today are easy and reasonable ways they can attract, and engage buyers.

Yesterday I wrote about how to best prepare a vacant property for sale.  Just about all of that-including the seller having the right mindset!- applies to properties that are occupied, so please read, and use those points to build on. Here are some other easy, low-cost, high-ROI ways I use to amp up an occupied space:

  • CLEAN. Sorry, just can’t say that enough.  Everything starts after CLEAN.
  • Have the right attitude  OK, this also bears repeating. The last few years have been difficult for most everyone. But make the decision to put your story aside, and create the most welcoming atmosphere you can.  Accept you have this responsibility. Keep the focus on what you can do, and do the best you can. Buyers will pick up on it all
  • Hang some appropriate art on the walls. No more bare walls! Borrow art if you have to.  And stop fretting about the walls. PLEASE!  Repairing and repainting a few holes in the wall when you sell should be the least of your troubles.
  • Let there be light!  Ceiling light is diffused within 2-3 feet of it’s source, buy tabletop/end- table lighting to creates a warmer, more inviting atmosphere. A well-lit room seems bigger.  All BIG PLUSES for those who have years of deferred entertaining plans.  A deductible expense* against profit when you sell, AND  you get to take them with you!  *Consult your tax professional to see what is applicable in your situation.
  • Get them outside.  If you have any outdoor space at all, you are losing money by not playing it up. Colorful annuals on the deck, a bocce set on the lawn, a new net in the existing basketball hoop-with an inflated ball nearby!-will draw, and engage buyers. If you’re doing an Open House, set up snacks and cold drinks OUTSIDE if possible.
  • Bring in some life. An airy fern in the bathroom, or stir someone’s romantic inner chef with several small pots of herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill. Force some bulbs as a fresh centerpiece, be the first one on your block to have those pansies out.  And a goldfish makes everyone smile.
  • Don’t forget the bookcases.  Being well-read is a an appealing luxury, and the physical presence of books bring soul into a space.  Hit a thrift store, or an upcoming Book Sale at the local library, and load up on some noteworthy tomes. Biographies of interesting people, exotic travel, and the classics are always good choices.


Every market, every property, and every seller has their own circumstances. Projects are successful when they are maintained, and involve a project that is priced and marketed by a knowlegable REALTOR. Need more ideas-or help implementing them? Call or email today-I would love for you to be my next success story!

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