Man’s Best Friend, Indeed

 Man’s best friend, indeed!

   Also women and children. 

  Especially children.

We are learning more today about the Navy SEAL dogs that have been trained just as intensely as their human counterparts, even participating in the mission this past weekend. 

And yes,  these are  German Shepard dogs in these training photos; one parachuting in tandem, in the arms of its handler, others being lowered from a helicopter.

While it’s unclear at this writing if the dog was actually in the complex in Pakistan,  or waiting in the helicopter as a backup,   it is ohso clear how smart, brave, devoted to duty, and trusting of their human pack they are.

Bella Blue is my 8 -1/2 year old Shepard mix.

 She came from the Elmsford shelter.  The litter had been abandoned, she was  a singular shiny black and tan puppy, in a litter of blonde fluffy retrievers.

3 years after losing my beloved Maggie Mae, Doug decided he was ready to commit again, and for our anniversary he decided to give a thumbs up to a new dog….so officially she is mine, but Doug has been smitten since Day 1.

Even as a puppy, there was this unwavering focus on-awareness of -and concern for the world around her, and every day we see her love and dedication. 

My friend Phil Faranda  writes about Max his wonder dog, who was also a rescue, and is a true shepard-in more ways than one. 

We don’t have children, but here are 2 recent shots of  Bella.  Below, left, is Doug being goofy, while we are on vacation on the Cape: we are watching the sunset at Race Point, she would not be distracted from keeping an eye on the kids on the beach.

At right on the grounds of the White Plains Presbyterian Church, about 2 blocks from where we live.

 It’s a corner property, and she sits on the wall, or on the hill, in the grass behind it, and can see everything.

 Just out of camera view,  around the corner,  is the entrance to their nursery school. Ever vigilant, she knows her duty.

  Pets Alive Animal Shelter, in Elmsford

SPCA of Westchester, in Briarcliff Manor

Adopt-A-Dog Rescue, in Armonk